With my work and service as a free consultant, clinics save costs on consulting, marketing, and acquisition. This is because I use my own internet platform, search engine presence (e.g. Google), and public appearances in the media (e.g. to engage independently in these areas. Additionally, doctors who keep in touch with me will gain my patients’ interest based on my recommendations.

Since doctors and clinics cooperating with HT-C ( can save considerable cost in terms of web presence and customer acquisition, all my services are thus remunerated and my expenses are covered. However, it is important to note that my advice has no effect on a clinic’s price structure. Whether an appointment is made directly at a cooperating clinic or, for example, via, this is not associated with treatment costs. Consequently, patients cannot expect to save on medical fees.

Nevertheless, as my client, you will receive an additional service by way of HTC online consultation!

If you are interested in a hair transplant and are seeking comprehensive information, please feel free to get in touch with via the contact form. You will receive information about hair transplant procedures and each of the doctors and clinics cooperating with This comes at no cost and without any obligation.

Would you like an individual consultation regarding your personal situation and the feasibility of a hair transplant? This includes a personally-tailored assessment based on the images you send. If so, the HT-C`s consultation form is now available!

Comprehensive, individual consultations and personal assessments partly based on the comprehensive images you send inevitably require a considerable amount of time. From personal experience as a hair loss sufferer, I know how important it is to receive a careful, detailed assessment along with professional advice when preparing for a hair transplant. The exchange of experience, the transfer of knowledge, the possibility of contacting various reputable physicians, and especially the prospect of care before and after the hair transplant creates the optimal conditions for the best treatment and all-round support. Given the nature of my experience, I am enthusiastic about supporting any of my customers who may rightly feel anxious about their treatment prospects.


In view of the widespread popularity that hair transplant treatments are currently enjoying, many hair loss sufferers are expressing interest in receiving HT-C’s free online consultation. As a like-minded person who has undergone several hair transplants, I am particularly pleased to see that natural hair transplants have attained a trustworthy level thanks to continual progress, new techniques, and the outstanding work of renowned hair surgeons. Because of this, many sufferers can regain their full head of hair, and this also reflects the necessity for a consultation with (HT-C).

Distinct from many fields of work where tasks can be delegated to employees, the specialist nature of HT-C consultations means that the process must be entirely handled by myself, Andreas Krämer. However, with the increasing number of enquiries, it is becoming difficult to respond to every question immediately, inevitably resulting in longer waiting times for my customers. In addition, the demand for counselling is growing, something which does not centre on the topic of hair transplantation and which is only tangentially related to the subject. Specifically, these counselling sessions primarily revolve around the provision of therapeutic recommendations for androgenetic alopecia.

I am very dissatisfied with these developments because, from my own experience, I know how waiting for feedback on such an important subject is an unpleasant test of one’s patience. However, there are only so many hours in a day, and the amount of available time is far from sufficient to answer every incoming query within a tolerable time span. Consequently, I am gradually falling into a conflict of conscience.

Is anyone weighed down by the extreme pressure of their suffering but reluctant to discuss the matter openly through email? Are there potential customers who are anxious and who do not want to wait? Unfortunately, in only a few cases am I able to measure the level of urgency. Therefore, I have been searching for a solution that maximises the interests of HT-C customers while minimising the associated problems of all participators.

In general, the online consultations are still free of charge. However, when there are too many inquiries, it should be recognised that the minimum response time for any customer is one week. In addition, owing to the number of inquiries received regarding hair transplant consultations, inquiries about therapeutic advice to combat hair loss are often not addressed for even longer. Furthermore, given the large number of consultations I am involved in, I may not have sufficient time to respond to hair loss inquiries at all, and this is something I sincerely hope you can understand.

Despite addressing this, one problem still exists: namely, how can customers highlight the urgency of their inquiries? To address this issue, it is a pleasure to introduce HT-C’s optional innovation:

In addition to free consultations of, we also offer you the possibility to declare your request as a “priority option” for a small fee of EUR 50. You will benefit from this by having your inquiry addressed within a guaranteed timeframe of three working days, regardless of the existing number of inquiries.

I hope that this optional advantage, for you as my customers, will significantly improve the process of time management, and I thank you so much for your understanding.

You can read more about the online consultation of and the new “priority option” at the following address: Preferred options for Online-Consultation.

Yours sincerely,
Andreas Krämer