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Andreas Krämer, Gut Hochstrass, 8280 Kreuzlingen – Schweiz

(If you send us an e-mail and pictures, please keep the attachments and pictures as small as possible and do not send over 10 MB per mail. If necessary better send several mails)

Important note regarding the free Online Consultation – Case Estimation

As mentioned here we receive a lot of mails every day from around the world. An individual case estimatation and mail replies, however, takes a lot of time. Andreas Krämer also has a lot of business appointments and he always handles the e-mails and case assessments personally. Andreas Krämer will try to answer everything in the best possible way, but it can take 14 days to 3 weeks or more for an answer, and we can not guarantee the answer. We ask for your understanding!

„Preferred Option – Personal evaluation within 3 days“

In case you have a very urgent concern we provides you with a „preferred option“ to declare your request as urgent by means of a small fee of € 50. You benefit from this by taking your inquiry completely into account regardless of the current overall volume of inquiries and you are guaranteed a return/answer within 3 working days. To use the „Preferred Option – Personal evaluation within 3 days“ please read the chapter „Preferred options for Online-Consultation“ or read the notes on the consultation form:

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