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Are you interested in personal online consultation for hair loss and hair transplant including an individual evaluation of your hair status?

If you like to benefit from the special services of HT-C ( please fill in our online consulting form to submit your personal request to HT-C and get individual support involving a first evaluation of your hair status! Detailed information will be provided at:

Let me kindly ask for your personal understanding about the following rules:

Due to an increasing number of inquiries I will no longer be able to promptly answer back to every request I get. I kindly apologize for any delay of my answers since a lot of requests will only marginalize the hair transplant issue but essentially require a rising number of therapeutic recommendations to treat hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). I personally feel extremely unhappy about this development why HT-C ( has decided to introduce a special option for those who necessarily need instant consultation which I often can hardly judge myself. Anyone interested in instant reply and support has the chance to choose the „preferred option“ to pay a small fee of 50 € allowing me to provide an additional time budget for urgent consultations without hesitation. Eventually every client has the chance to be refunded with the fee later (for more information please read the chapter „Financing of„)!

Some notes about the consultation form:

Uploading images can cause problems in case they reach the maximum size of about 3 MB or more. This is why I am kindly asking every client to downsize or reduce the size of the pictures before starting to upload them.

In case you have filled in every part of the form and attached all images please click the „Send“-button! This will lead you to the line „Sent“ on your screen. Please note that it may take a few minutes for larger files or lower internet speed!

In case the consultation form will not be loaded correctly you can also email pictures to:

I kindly ask you not to send files larger than 10 MB per mail! Sending multiple emails could be a better alternative.

Please note that all data and images being provided will strictly be handled as private and confidential!

Some important notes about the HT-C e-Mail response:

Please enter your email-address correctly as otherwise HT-C ( cannot deliver any reply! Be sure that the HT-C e-Mail response will not be lost to the spam folder of your e-Mail-provider! Therefore please check your spam folders regularly especially in case you are using Gmail or Freenet! Please also check your inbox capacities to avoid that answers may not reach you! is regularly sending files/images back for illustration reasons. This is why your email inbox should be able to allow attachments.

Furthermore I kindly ask you to always use the same email address in any communication with Only this way messages can successfully be associated with the clients of (HT-C). Please avoid unnecessary waiting times! Thank you!

In case you have chosen the „preferred option“ and transferred the amount of EUR 50 but yet not received any reply after 3 working days I kindly ask you to instantly contact HT-C at ! This may also be the right way in case the consultation form does not load properly! As mentioned above please avoid sending images of more than 10 MB per e-mail. If necessary send multiple e-Mails with your images and your name!

Preferred Option – Personal evaluation within 3 days

Would you like to make use of the „preferred option“ of HT-C, pay a fee of EUR 50 and get an instant feedback including a personal evaluation of your hair status within 3 working days? Your request may be considered as urgent in case you follow the payment modalities:

Please direct a payment of EUR 50 via SEPA money transfer to:

Andreas Krämer (if address is required : Gut Hochstrass, 8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland), Bank: UBS AG, Schwertstrasse 2, P.O. Box 1317, 8201 Schaffhausen

IBAN: CH780028728784647940V
(Note: Even if the bank system proposes the ending 82a, please always use the SWIFT code UBSWCHZH80A!)

-PayPal: or follow the PayPal link below!

To connect your payment to your personal request as soon as possible please enter your exact name and your e-Mail-address being used at Hairforlife for designated use in the provided field!

*** For information *** The „preferred option“ of HT-C includes a personal evaluation of the client’s hair status and an individual support via e-mail (online consultation) within 3 working days. A number of clients regularly asks for phone calls to personally talk with me. As I am continuously visiting clinics, physicians, cooperating partners and will be attending at international meetings and seminars abroad I often find myself in countries outside your time zone.

Furthermore I am experiencing flight delays as much as meetings are postponed. I apologize that my commitments do not allow for further telephone appointments with clients. I sincerely hope for your understanding that next to my online consultation I do not have any further time for telephone contact. HT-C exclusively offers online consultations via e-Mail.

In case you only want general information about hair transplantation and the cooperating clinics of HT-C please use our Contact-Form for a free and non-binding consultation!