Online Consultation Information

Notes on Online Consultation

Hairforlife has 3 options for online counseling and support, as explained in more detail below.

Benefit from the advantages of online consulting:

In the case of the Hairforlife online consultation, no important details are lost, you have all the information and assessments about your situation and your possibilities in written form by e-mail and you can read the mails again at any time.

Sure, you know this annoying situation: You are conducting an important telephone call or attending a meeting, it is important to remember many details and information, but afterwards the information content was so extensive that the memory gaps.

Through the Hairforlife online consultation, you will receive any exchange, nothing will be lost. Have any emails been accidentally lost? No problem, you are always welcome to get a copy and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

The free Contact form and the free Online Consultation form

Feel free to use the free contact form and receive free and completely non-binding information about hair transplants and all hairforlife co-operation doctors and for an individual online consultation for free and without obligation fill out our consultation form.

Important notes regarding the free contact form and free online consultation: 

Due to the good international Searchability of, we receive a lot of mails every day from around the world. An individual case estimatation and mail replies, however, takes a lot of time. Andreas Krämer also has a lot of business appointments and he always handles the e-mails and case assessments personally. Andreas Krämer will try to answer everything in the best possible way, but it can take 14 days to 3 weeks or more for an answer, and we can not guarantee the answer. We ask for your understanding! However we are offering the „preferred option“ for people who want have a fast and guaranteed answer within 3 working days.

The  „Preferred Option“ for a fee of 50 Euro: Online Consultation including Case Estimation within 3 working days *

You have a very urgent concern, would like to get an individual case assessment and a detailed online consultation which does not allow any delay? We provides you with a „preferred option“ to declare your request as urgent by means of a small fee of € 50. You benefit from this by taking your inquiry completely into account regardless of the current overall volume of inquiries and you are guaranteed a return/answer within 3 working days.

How to get the „Preferred Option – Personal evaluation within 3 days“?

Just visit our online consultation form, pay the fee via pay pal or bank transfer and fill out the form. Just make a note in the field „Other observations“. Note your first and last name and „Preference Option“.