Preferred options for Online-Consultation

To all costumers of (HT-C), prospective clients and interested reader of the HL-C Website (

Dear fellows!

To begin with I sincerely want to thank you for all the confidence and trust you have placed in me and my company for more than 10 years! Furthermore I would like to take the opportunity to personally inform you as my clients about new developments.

As for hair transplantation growing in popularity and being in vogue a rising number of people suffering from hair loss is showing fundamental interest in free online consultations as being provided by Having undergone several hair transplants myself I am definitely inspired by all the progress, new technologies and the excellent work of noted hair surgeons who are placing enormous trust in the hair restoration business and give a chance to those suffering from hair loss to achieve a head full of hair. This actually corresponds to the growing requests at

Many companys are sharing duties and responsibilities with other employees. As for HT-C requests as well as all the consultations are personally and exclusively handled by myself (Andreas Krämer). Due to a consistently growing number of requests I am kindly asking for your understanding that I will no longer be able to answer and respond to all your inquiries instantly and in time. As this means an inevitable waiting time for you and the rest of my clients I am kindly apologising for any delay causing impatience. Since a lot of requests will only marginalize the hair transplant issue but essentially require a lot of therapeutic recommendations for treating androgenetic alopecia (hair loss) my answers are also accumulating in numbers.

I myself feel extremely unhappy about this development since I know at first hand what it means to impatiently wait for an instant feedback. This is why am often getting into moral conflicts since my day has 24 hours only to answer all of the incoming requests within a short time frame.

Delicate matters and questions often arising are: Is there anyone suffering from an extreme pressure who does not openly want to speak about his problem in an email? Or: Which of the urgent requests does not allow or tolerate any delay? Unfortunately there are only a few of those requests I can instantly find out to be answered as soon as possible. This is why am trying to find an adequate solution to minimise the problems with my Costumer Care.

As of now any consultation at HT-C ( is still free of charge! For a consistently rising number of requests some clients have to wait for a period of 7 days to receive a final response. For questions about therapies against hair loss including hair transplant there may be a fairly long waiting time depending on the number of requests. Due to a very high frequency of standard inquiries my personal time budget may temporarily be not sufficient to answer emails about regular hair loss problems at all, why I am kindly asking for your understanding!

To easily distinguish between urgent requests and regular inquiries I would like to introduce a special option for those who necessarily need instant consultation at HT-C:

Next to a regular and free consultation HT-C will offer preferred consultations in case the is an urgent need. For a little fee of 50 € clients can opt for the „urgent“ declaration of their request to be instantly responded back. Anyone using this option will personally benefit from an exclusive processing of his request within a guaranteed period of 3 working days (max).

As this allows for an exclusive time budget to provide individual consultations I would gratefully thank all of you who previously have been waiting too long and decided to solve the problem with this little fee for urgent requests! Thank you all for making it possible! I also want to inform you how to personally benefit from the new regulations at

When deciding to opt for a hair transplant at any of our cooperating clinics and sending your personal report (feedback) about the hair transplant to HT-C you will be compensated with 50 € to personally participate at quality control. Everyone opting for the urgent request will be refunded in case you are opting for a hair transplant at one of the famous clinics in partnership with

By submitting a feedback everyone helps to significantly support HT-C with quality control of physicians and clinics by continuously reviewing hair transplants and patient care. Your feedback will be used to inform other and future patients to recommend clinics and hair surgeons and decisively influence the success of future hair transplants. Ultimately I will personally be a helping hand and your contact person in case of complaints or problems arising. I will support the patients and try to achieve a satisfying solution for all parties.

As this may help every customer of HT-C to avoid additional expenses I have found a promising solution for everyone to meet the expectations. While time budgets become more valueable I think that this option may be seen as a chance for all of us.

Some last words about telephone contact

A number of clients regularly ask for a phone call to personally talk with me. As I am continuously visiting clinics, physicians, cooperating partners and will be attending at international meetings and seminars abroad I often find myself in countries outside your time zone.

Furthermore I am experiencing flight delays or meetings being postponed. All that does not allow for further telephone appointments with my clients. I sincerely hope for your understanding that due to all the online consultation I don´t have any further time for telephone contact.

As a matter of fact a growing number of clients are more confident with the online consultation as been confirmed in many feedbacks I regularly get. Compared to spoken words or phone calls many details of our conversation will be read more intensively. Clients do get the chance to re-read my respondings and reflect or remember the main issues much easier.

Got interested in the preferred options for online consultation?

Would you like to make use of the „preferred option“ of HT-C and get an instant feedback to you request? Declare your inquiry to be urgent and inform yourself about the payment modalities!

Please find all necessary details at: