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Hair loss and receding hairlines are a prevalent phenomenon for both men and women around the world, and hair transplant is a highly effective way to combat against this while increasing self-esteem. Several notable stars have even undergone hair surgery treatments. More and more people worldwide searching  for Hair Transplant and  „Hair Transplant Cost„. a website of Andreas Krämer. Intended to give information to women and men and to inform about the price and cost of hair transplant

So far Andreas Krämer is well known with his Hairtransplant Consultation Service from Hairforlife (Germans please visit his website in german language Haartransplantation Beratungs-Service von Hairforlife). Andreas Krämer has been on the market as a consultant since 2004. The special website (HT-C) in english-language is intended to serve the international market and to inform about the hair transplant cost for women as well as the hair restoration cost for men and receding hairline. Also Andreas Krämer would like to provide general information and to offer online counseling in order to help find the best doctors.

Information and Online Consultation: As the leading provider of hair transplant services in Europe Germany, can find world-class hair surgeons – clinics who have the skills to devise the most appropriate course of treatment for your specific condition

The owner of HT-C ( Andreas Krämer, has extensive connections with leading hair physicians in the hair transplant industry which reach from the major European countries – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – across the Atlantic to the United States and even into Asia. Having operated as a hair restoration consultant since 2004, Krämer has the knowhow and expertise required to support clients in their attempt to find the right surgeon for them. In view of Krämer’s independence, he is under no obligations apart from those he has to his clients, and he unfailingly puts your needs first to find the ideal and most-qualified surgeon for your condition.

Price and Cost of a Hair Restoration: and Andreas Krämer will find the best value Clinics and Physicans for you

As a consulter for Hair Transplant Andreas Krämer will help you to find affordable Hair Restoration clinics – physicians and to inform about the price and cost for a hair transplant.

Andreas Krämer from A personal struggle with hair loss

The phenomenon of hair loss and the devastating impact it can have on one’s self-esteem and self-image became known to Krämer after he realised his own hairline was receding at only age 22 (read more about the hair transplants of andreas krämer). Based on his personal experience and a realisation that receding hairlines can be tackled with a very real and reliable solution, Krämer decided to enter the hair transplant industry to help others who find themselves in similar positions. He is currently offering the opportunity to undergo consultation for any hair concerns you might have, and his professional network of world-leading hair surgeons in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, other European countries, and the United States and Asia can accommodate and appropriately treat a wide range of conditions. Krämer’s consultation and aftercare services are the best available in a competitive industry, and in having a close understanding of his clients, he remains a committed and consistent practitioner in the area.

  • Information on Online Consultation
  • Extensive knowhow and experience
  • Impartial and professional consultation services
  • Comprehensive client care before and after the transplant
  • Consultations with the world-leading and famous Andreas Krämer
  • Krämer is known for television and media appearances on several platforms, including Spiegel, ZDF, Health Check Up Magazine, SF Tagesschau, Pulse Health Magazine, Sat 1, 3 Sat, SWF, ARD (read also: Media)
  • Consultations draw on an expansive network of highly qualified hair surgeons operating in FUE and FUE clinics across Europe, the United States, and Asia (see also >clinic visits).
  • Continuous clinic visits and reviews
  • Attendance at hair restoration international conferences
  • No-obligation consultations
  • The provision of comprehensive information regarding Hairforlife cooperation doctors and hair transplant procedures
  • A case assessment procedure, where all you as the client need to do is complete a consultation form
  • Preferred Online Consultation Option – Personal evaluation within 3 days

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