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Andreas Krämer – Owner


The 42-year-old Andreas Krämer is the owner of HT-C (Hairtransplant-cost.info) and Hairforlife.info. He started his life in Saarbrücken, Germany.

For many years he worked with a firm location in Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance (Switzerland). In the meantime, his work has led to many stays at cooperative doctors, seminars and congresses worldwide, not least in the sense of the „HT-C quality assurance“. As a result, he usually inform and consult his clients in the meantime about all aspects of their planned hair transplantation comfortable, uncomplicated and completely independent of the location via e-mail or online, as this gives him the opportunity to connect his clinic trips and customer advice.

Some more informations about Andreas Krämer

At the age of only 17, he suffered from a receding hairline; by the time he was 22, the severity of the condition had increased considerably. Having resolved to find a solution to his condition, he underwent his first hair transplant in 1997. From that time, he has received several different procedures with a range of techniques, each producing different outcomes (see the hair transplants of Andreas Krämer).

Having been at the centre of the hair transplant world for decades, Krämer has an extensive knowledge of the international status of hair restoration clinics, practitioners, and hospitals (see the clinic visits of Andreas Krämer). Krämer has developed an unparalleled expertise by frequently participating in hair transplant conventions, and he has risen to a position in which his advice is revered internationally.

Consultations since 2004

With Hairforlife.info he started with hair transplant consultations 2004. In the consultations provided by Krämer, you can expect to receive comprehensive information regarding the current state of hair transplant procedures and the most up to date techniques. Krämer’s wide knowledge of the international hair transplant scene is the ideal way to identify the most qualified surgeon for each client. In addition to mediating and coordinating hair transplant procedures, Hairtransplant-cost.info of Hairforlife is committed to providing care for clients prior to and following treatments.

Andreas Krämer in the Media

Krämer’s renown in this area has led to him appearing in various media formats such as television, but also in renowned print media. Read more about Andreas Krämer from Hairtransplant-cost.info in the Media.

Online Consultations

In cases where clients seeking information about hair transplantation it is possible to schedule convenient and location-independent online consultations on the web. Learn more about our online consultation services and read „Online Consultation Information„.