Dr. Lars Heitmann (Zurich, Switzerland)

This surgeon is renowned for offering a full range of state-of-the-art hair restoration services in Zurich. For more information, see www.fue-haartransplantation.ch


Zurich, Switzerland: Dr. Lars Heitmann – The Nation’s Foremost Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr. Heitmann, a German hair surgeon currently operating from Zurich, has a monumental reputation in the international hair restoration industry. He is widely noted for his television appearances on ‘Sat1 Germany’, Switzerland’s ‘Puls’, and several other channels.



Having suffered from hair loss himself, Dr. Heitmann early in his life sought out hair restoration treatment. Unfortunately, the outcome from his first treatment was highly ineffective as it was carried out by an unqualified surgeon, and since then, after undergoing a series of hair treatments and restoring a satisfactory head of hair, Dr. Heitmann decided to specialise in hair restoration himself. From his perspective, this was the ideal way to ensure that people with conditions like his would only receive natural and undetectable results.

With his years of experience as a leading practitioner, Dr. Heitmann is famous for his consistently outstandingly results. You can see many of his patients, before and after the surgical procedure, on his website www.fue-haartransplantation.ch and on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/fuehaartransplantationch.

The hallmarks of a procedure carried out by Dr. Heitmann are fully-restored frontal hairlines, high densities, and the provision of the highest service standards with precision equipment. One of his areas of specialism is the ‘lateral slit technique’, a method devised by Canadian and US-based hair surgeons.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in Zurich, Switzerland

Owing to his renowned expertise with the FUE technique, this is the only service provided by Dr. Heitmann in Zurich.

Dense Packing with Doctor Lars Heitmann in Zurich Switzerland

Below are several images showing the outstanding results that you can expect from Dr. Heitmann’s procedures:

A patient with 70 FU/cm2
Dense Packing with 70 FU/cm2


Watch a comparison (treated in another clinic) of 30-35 grafts per qcm left and 60 grafts per qcm by Dr. Heitmann on the right:

Dr .Heitmann Patient rechts 60 er Dichte