Dr. Georgiou Michalis – Michalis Hair Restoration Clinic, Nicosia, Cyprus and Barcelona, Spain



Andreas Krämer first encountered Dr. Georgiou when he was a practicing hair surgeon as part of a Cyprus-based clinical team. Since then, Dr. Georgiou has established his own clinic in Nicosia, the capital city of North Cyprus.

Dr. Georgiou began his career as a hair transplant practitioner in 2002, and a year later he visited Dr. John P. Cole, one of the leading FUE practitioners in the international community, in order to learn the art of FUE. Over the past decade, Dr. Georgiou has earned a prestigious reputation as a highly skilled hair surgeon, and he has performed countless surgeries to the satisfaction of his clients.

It is with pleasure that Andreas Krämer has established Dr. Georgiou as one of the key cooperating partners of Hairforlife.


The Michalis Hair Restoration Clinic provides a broad range of hair restoration treatments, including the following:

Manual Extraction Hair Restoration and the Michalis Clinic in Cyprus and Spain


For 2,000 grafts or fewer, each graft is priced at EUR 3.00.

For more than 2,000 grafts, each graft is priced at EUR 2.75.

Thus, the lowest cost for 2,000 grafts is EUR 6,000. Any quotations provided are inclusive of flights, hotels, and transport from the airport to the hotel to the Michalis Clinic.

Dr. Georgiou performs FUE services in Spain and, given the greater expenditure for operating maintenance, the cost is EUR 4 per graft.

Manual Graft Extraction and Dr. Georgiou’s Process

One of the core commitments of Dr. Georgiou is never to draw on motor-assisted extraction devices (i.e. the micromotor method). This means that he exclusively focuses on manual graft extraction, a method which facilitates greater precision and more favourable outcomes for the patient. Dr. Georgiou himself conducts the majority of the graft extraction procedure, and a highly-qualified medical assistant offers support insofar as it is needed. The recipient site is exclusively prepared by Dr. Georgiou while the graft insertion process is carried out by medical assistants. In addition to this, Dr. Georgiou does not shave the recipient site; the only shaving that takes place is the donor area in the process of facilitating the ‘GJ Cut’. Read more: https://www.hairtransplant-drmichalis.com/unshaved-hair-transplant-fue-without-shaving-head/

The FUT Method (Strip-HT)

In addition to performing FUE hair transplants, Dr. Georgiou provides the FUT technique. A maximum of 4,000 grafts can be inserted per session (variability occurs on the basis of each patient).

For 2,000 grafts or fewer, each graft is priced at EUR 2.000.

For more than 2,000 grafts, each graft is priced at EUR 1.80.

Thus, the lowest cost for 2,000 grafts is EUR 4,000.