Dr. Bijan Feriduni, Hasselt – Belgium


Dr. Bijan Feriduni with Andreas Krämer of Hairforlife
See Andreas Krämer (left) and Dr. Bijan Feriduni (right)

Dr. Feriduni and state-of-the-art hair restoration services

Dr. Feriduni, born in Germany, has been a leading practitioner in this area for more than 14 years. In his long and prestigious career, he has carried out over 5,000 successful hair restoration surgeries. Furthermore, Dr. Feriduni is widely known in international hair transplant circles owing to his status as one of the handful of German hair surgeons who has been published consistently and favourably in online blogs.
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Naturalistic Hairlines, Ultra-Dense Packing, and the Lateral Slit Technique

Dr. Feriduni’s artistry, precision, and consistently outstanding results have earned him wide respect in the international hair restoration industry, both from his patients and his colleagues. His service provision ranges from Ultra-Dense Packing to the Lateral Slit Technique to Trichophytic Closure to Stereo-microscopic Dissection. Additional hallmarks of Dr. Feriduni’s service include the surgical restoration of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Lying at the core of each of these services is the surgical strip technique (FUT) in addition to the modern FUE technique. Given Dr. Feriduni’s employment of an expansive team of experts and assistants, he has become adept at conducting ‘mega-sessions’ where 3,500-4,000 grafts are inserted per day.

Dr. Bijan Feriduni – Foundation for Reconstructive Hair Transplants

Dr. Feriduni, since 2005, has proudly offered hair restoration services free-of-charge (one per month) to any individuals, negatively affected by hair loss through accident, disease, or inflammation, who cannot afford the procedure. In addition to this, Dr. Feriduni has broad experience and expertise in conducting reconstructive hair transplants. You can learn more about reconstructive hair restoration by reading the two sample cases at ‘Reconstructive Hair Restoration’.

Competence, Technology, and Experience for the Benefit of Clients

Dr. Feriduni is in high demand for appearances at international training schemes, hair restoration conventions, and global meetings of prominent experts. At these gatherings, he regularly transmits his highly-refined techniques and hair restoration approaches to rising stars in the industry and aspiring surgeons. These activities are motivated by Dr. Feriduni’s commitment to patients, and his strong desire to help clients worldwide who suffer from hair loss.

Dr. Feriduni’s highly qualified team are committed to outstanding clinical standards, and they have a strong reputation for providing internationally renowned customer care prior to and following every session. Responsiveness to clients lies at the core of Dr. Feriduni’s service provision, and each procedure is carried out by faithfully acknowledging the following principle: ‘Capitalise on opportunities; minimise risks’. In this way, the client, their needs, and their expectations inform every component of clinical practice.

The cornerstones of service provision are one-to-one counselling, comprehensive consultations, aftercare, and world-class treatment with the hands of Dr. Bijan Feriduni.

These images show Andreas Krämer attending Dr. Feriduni’s clinic in Hasselt, Belgium, close to the German border: