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Dr. Cole (see also: https://www.forhair.com) initiated his private clinic in Atlanta, US, in 1990 after his graduation from medical school. Having received strong inspiration from the work of Dr. Masumi Inaba, which involved isolating single hair follicles with state-of-the-art microscopes and precision surgical equipment, Dr. Cole devoted his professional life the formulation of up-to-date and minimally invasive hair restoration techniques.

As one of the first hair surgeons to practice with the FUE technique, Dr. Cole conducted pioneering practice by using uniquely-designed surgical equipment to isolate single hair follicles. The CIT ® (Cole Isolation Technique), an approach patented by Dr. Cole, maximises the probability of extracted grafts surviving and, moreover, leads to outstandingly naturalistic results. This is primarily because the innovative technique facilitates ‘cherry-picking’ from the donor site.

To continue developing highly precise surgical equipment with the intention of increasing accuracy and efficiency, Dr. Cole has since been a world-leader in research focusing on the formulation of harvesting and restoration instruments. In being one of the first practitioners of the Lateral Slit Method, Dr. Cole rose to the forefront of the field of surgical equipment development.

A broad range of services are provided at Dr. Cole’s clinic, including Donor-Recharging, FUE, body hair transplant (BHT), among others. The pioneering BHT, rarely offered by other surgeons (Dr. Özgür of the HLC being a notable exception), is an effective way in which patients with depleted or insufficient donor sites can still satisfy their haircare requirements.

Andreas Krämer visited Dr. Cole’s clinic in 2006 for the first time. After making comprehensive observations of the clinical environment and the standards of practice, Krämer was convinced of the high-quality service provision. Images of his visit are presented as follows:


Andreas Krämer (left) with Dr. John Cole (right), 2006, Atlanta, US

The CIT, patented by Cole himself, facilitated considerable development in precision depth control mechanisms. This is achieved by employing state-of-the-art surgical extraction equipment, specifically designed for follicular units. The PCID, an electric and delicately operating device, the donor area can be harvested and variable features of each patient can be accurately handled with an infinite range of optional settings. Additionally, the PCID facilitates rotation, oscillation, and roto-oscillation, and Dr. Cole has consistently enhanced his equipment over time. Many of the utensils he has designed can be purchased at www.coleinstruments.com.

FUE Training with Dr. Cole

Dr. Cole is enthusiastic about spreading his renowned technique around the world to raise the international level of service provision. It is for this reason that he hosts FUE workshops, surgical observation opportunities, and practical training schemes for aspiring surgeons. Dr. Cole has hosted live surgical processes at Denver, Brussels, South Korea, Bangkok, New Delhi, and Istanbul, and he is a regular attendee at the Italian Society of Hair Restoration convention. Every previous surgical assistant employed by Dr. Cole has gone on to enjoy international renown, including Jean Devorye, Dr. Mwamba, and Christian Bisanga.

Dr. Cole is the recipient of innumerable awards, including the Italian Society’s Archimedes Award and Michelangelo Award, the Dermal Hair International Group’s Bronze (2000) and Gold (2002) medals, and the ISHRS’s Golden Follicle Award (2013) (including three other). In addition to this, he is a proud member of the most prominent international hair transplant societies worldwide.

Hair Transplant Training Centre (HTTC) Ankara: Hair Restoration Training, FUE Workshops, Live Training, and Training Schemes

Any aspiring hair surgeons are free to undergo collaborative training programmes held by Dr. Cole and Dr. Özgür at the HTTC, Ankara, Turkey. This is the ideal way for those who seek mastery in this area to acquire the fundamental techniques for successful service provision and client satisfaction.


HTTC, HLC, & Dr. John Cole, Ankara

From left to right: Gökhan Dogan/Clinic Manager of the Hairline Clinic, Dr. Khan, Dr. Cole, Dr. Özgür, Andreas Krämer/Hairforlife, Dr. Akin, and employees from the Hairline Clinic


PCID – Dr. John Cole and Andreas Krämer

Andreas Krämer (left) and Dr. John Cole (right) at Dr. Özgür’s Hairline Clinic in Ankara (January, 2015)

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