Hairline Clinic (HLC) – Dr. Özgür, Dr. Akin, Dr. Kaan, Dr. Ali, and Dr. Cengiz – Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey


The Hairline Clinic team from left to right: Dr. Cengiz, Assistent, Dr. Kaan, Gökhan Dogan (Clinic Manager), Dr. Özgür, Mrs. Özge (Hairline Design and Consultation), Dr. Akin, Mr. Engin (Customer Service Advisor)


Andreas Krämer with Dr. Özgür and Dr. Akin at the HLC Ankara

In addition to offering state-of-the-art hair transplantation services, the Hairline Clinic, based in two locations in Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul), offers training services for aspiring hair surgeons. Dr. Özgür, the owner of the HLC, has decided only to perform FUE, the least invasive restoration technique, and every member of his highly-qualified team is an expert in this area.

Dr. Özgür established the HLC in 2001 to focus on the service provision of FUE and to improve the standing of Turkey in the international hair restoration industry. The services offered can resolve several patient conditions with the application of the FUE technique, and these include body hair transplants (BHT), repair work, and part-shaving FUE treatments.

Given the emerging nature of the field of BHT, the growth yields that stem from the treatment option are highly variable. Depending on the genetic and individual predispositions of each patient, the results can be maximally or minimally effective; the HLC has facilitated both outcomes. However, several excellent outcomes have been achieved by the HLC Ankara in this area.

Outcomes at the HLC

Visit the HLC’s website to learn more about the services offered by Dr. Özgür and his team:

This image shows Andreas Krämer on a visit to Dr. Özgür and his team and the HLC:


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