Female Hair Transplant – Hair Restoration Women: Cost and Prices

A hair restoration is also a option for women – females

Women Hair Transplant Hair Restoration Cost Price

For any women or female clients interested in undergoing hair restoration treatment, it is a pleasure to report that this is a viable possibility.

Before you think about the costs and prices: Hair Transplant for women – female only possible with hereditary hair loss

Before you think about the costs and prices and undergoing any hair transplant procedure, the cause of the hair loss must be identified and a hair restoration is only possible with hereditary hair loss. If inherited balding is the cause, several techniques can be used to facilitate restoration and the reinstatement of higher densities. A key advantage in service provision for females is that donor sites are far more sufficient for Dense Packing treatments, and this is attributed to the fact that female inherited hair loss rarely results in complete balding.

Price and Cost for a Women Hair Transplant

In the end, also the cost – costs and the price – prices of a Women hair transplant (female hair transplants) depend on the number of grafts as well as on the respective technique (whether> FUE, or whether> FUT) and the respective clinic and depends on further points:

  • What are the exactly goals?
  • How high / low should my new hairline be?
  • How large is the surface that new hair should receive?
  • What density per sqcm should be achieved?
  • The exact number of grafts which are to be „transplanted“ also depends on:

Of the properties of the donor hair (donor area). From the density of the „donor area“, the hair shaft diameter, the hair color (the contrast between the scalp and the hair) and whether there is curly, wavy or smooth hair.

Female Hair Transplant:  Examples of results

A example of a female Hair Transplant from Dr. Bijan Feriduni

Example of a women Hair Restoration from Dr. Patrick Mwamba with 1143 Grafts