With my work and service as a free consultant, clinics save costs on consulting, marketing, and acquisition. This is because I use my own internet platform, search engine presence (e.g. Google), and public appearances in the media (e.g. to engage independently in these areas. Additionally, doctors who keep in touch with me will gain my patients’ interest based on my recommendations.

Since doctors and clinics cooperating with HT-C ( can save considerable cost in terms of web presence and customer acquisition, all my services are thus remunerated and my expenses are covered. However, it is important to note that my advice has no effect on a clinic’s price structure. Whether an appointment is made directly at a cooperating clinic or, for example, via, this is not associated with treatment costs. Consequently, patients cannot expect to save on medical fees.

Nevertheless, as my client, you will receive an additional service by way of HTC online consultation!

If you are interested in a hair transplant and are seeking comprehensive information, please feel free to get in touch with via mail to You will receive information about hair transplant procedures and each of the doctors and clinics cooperating with This comes at no cost and without any obligation.

Would you like an individual consultation regarding your personal situation and the feasibility of a hair transplant? This includes a personally-tailored assessment based on the images you send. If so, send us some images to!

Comprehensive, individual consultations and personal assessments partly based on the comprehensive images you send inevitably require a considerable amount of time. From personal experience as a hair loss sufferer, I know how important it is to receive a careful, detailed assessment along with professional advice when preparing for a hair transplant. The exchange of experience, the transfer of knowledge, the possibility of contacting various reputable physicians, and especially the prospect of care before and after the hair transplant creates the optimal conditions for the best treatment and all-round support. Given the nature of my experience, I am enthusiastic about supporting any of my customers who may rightly feel anxious about their treatment prospects.