Hair Transplant of a Receding Hairline: Cost and Price

Receding Hairlines – Temples and Hair Restoration

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Hair Transplant Receding Hairline 2 Price Cost

A range of hair loss patterns can impact the aesthetic quality of an individual’s head of hair.

Receding Hairlines – Receding Temple Hairlines – Temples

Receding hairlines start at the temples at the foreside of the scalp, and these may be important when further balding begins to take place. This is one of the key features of androgenic/inherited hair loss.

Where such a pattern of hair loss is detected in males, it is very uncommon that the individual’s head of hair will not be negatively affected. For the majority of those who experience receding hairlines, it is usually the case that they experience a blow to their self-esteem; a large proportion of these individuals will seek hair restoration treatments. Where progressive balding is detected by males, it is common for them to want to remedy the situation to restore their previous hair status. When these individuals have determined that this course of action is what they would like to do, the initial step is to completely restore the frontal hairline.

Market Benefits 

Although the hair restoration industry has responded to the heightened demand for treatments that counteract the effects of receding hairlines, most of the pharmaceutical options are not conducive to favourable outcomes.

Receding Hairlines: Treatment Options and surgical restoration = Hair Restoration

Prospective clients should understand that, at present, the only consistent, high-quality, and reliable way in which to counteract the negative effects caused by a receding hairline and eventual complete balding is to undergo surgical restoration.

Hair Transplant Cost and Price of a Receding Hairline

In the end, the cost – costs and the price – prices of a hair transplant of the receding hairline depend on the number of grafts as well as on the respective technique (whether> FUE, or whether> FUT) and the respective clinic and depends on further points:

  • What are the exactly goals?
  • How high / low should my new hairline be?
  • How large is the surface that new hair should receive?
  • What density per sqcm should be achieved?
  • The exact number of grafts which are to be „transplanted“ also depends on:

Of the properties of the donor hair (donor area). From the density of the „donor area“, the hair shaft diameter, the hair color (the contrast between the scalp and the hair) and whether there is curly, wavy or smooth hair.

Coarse estimation of the required number of grafts in the case of a receding Hairline

Note, however, that this scheme is only for the first rough orientation. For a more detailed assessment, please feel free to use the Hairforlife Online Consultation.

Cost and Price of a Receding Hair Restoration at Norwood scale II and IIa (typical receding Hairline)

Hair Transplant Cost Estimation receding hairline nw2 - nw2a1






Possible graft amount: 1500

FUE (FUE & FUI) 3750 Euro – 7500 Euro depending on country and doctor

FUT (Strip & FUI) 2250 Euro – 5250 Euro depending on country and doctor

Costs and prices of a hair transplant at Norwood scale III, IIIa and III vertex (larger receding hairline and thinning out of the tonsure/vertex):

Hair Restoration Cost Estimation Receding_hairline_nw3_-3a-vertex

Possible Graft amount: 2250 – 3000

FUE (FUE & FUI)  5625 Euro – 15000 Euro depending on country and doctor

FUT (Streifen & FUI) 4050 Euro – 10.500 depending on country and doctor

Receding Hairline: 3 example of results

1933 Grafts in the receding Hairline from Dr. Michalis Georgiou:

1943 Grafts in the receding Hairline from Dr. Patrick Mwamba:

1906 Grafts in the receding hairline from Dr. Bijan Feriduni: