The Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

In cases where a client suffers from severe baldness or, alternatively, where the client does not have access to viable donor sites on the scalp, body hair transplantation is a notable solution. This method involves carrying out FUE to relocate FU from a body-based donor site to the balding zone on the scalp.

In the course of a BHT process, the target number of FU is extracted from various locations on the body (for example, the legs, beard, back, or chest) and relocated to the balding zone on the scalp.

Given the lack of empirical research into the BHT technique, the growth yields are not the same as those achieved in cases where scalp-based donor sites have been used. Consequently, relatively few hair surgeons offer this treatment, but consistent and favourable outcomes have been facilitated by experienced surgeons, including the Hairline Clinic’s Dr. Özgür and Dr. Patrick Mwamba.

Recently conducted research has shown that body hairs relocated to the change their aesthetic features. According to some reports, body hair can grow longer than it did at the original site.