FUE part shaves – shaving of stripes

For the extraction of the individual donor hair (Grafts/Follicular Unit´s), FUE hair transplantation is cut into the skin around the individual hair by means of a fine punch. To achieve this, a shave is required for a FUE hair transplant. Depending on the number of grafts to be taken, a full shaving can also be necessary. Alternatively, there is the possibility of a FUE partial shaving (see picture below).


However, in the case (depending on hair density and hair length), only small amounts of grafts can be extracted. In this case the proportionality is as follows: the higher the density and the longer the hair, the more grafts can be removed. Thus, this represents a possibility for those patients who wish to have a FUE hair transplant for rather small areas, while at the same time hiding the treatment as best as possible.