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Contact address switzerland

Andreas Krämer, Gut Hochstrass, 8280 Kreuzlingen – Schweiz

(If you send us an e-mail and pictures, please keep the attachments and pictures as small as possible and do not send over 7 MB per mail. If necessary better send several mails)

Important note regarding the free Online Consultation – Case Estimation

As mentioned here we receive a lot of mails every day from around the world. An individual case estimatation and mail replies, however, takes a lot of time. Andreas Krämer also has a lot of business appointments and he always handles the e-mails and case assessments personally. Andreas Krämer will try to answer everything in the best possible way, but it can take 14 days to 3 weeks or more for an answer, and we can not guarantee the answer. We ask for your understanding!

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